The ability to create and transform a new “idea” with endless boundaries.

Design Thinking- According to Bain and Company, customer satisfaction and experience is valued in all levels of service that is provided to customers. According Bain and Company, companies strive to attain 80% customer satisfaction. Frameworks include encompass the areas of education, business, medical, and basically all sectors. Keeping in mind, that innovation does not not necessarily mean a “new innovation” but it could easily be disguised as having a alternative avenue versus the existing.

Service Design Thinking includes: Targeting group, which is the focal point, the company adapts ideas, the test is conducted by the customer, based on the experience which may be negative or possible, the company will improve the innovation. The company seeks out feedback from the customer for further improvement.

I find Design Thinking interesting in all facets to include the marketing, the feedback of a customer, promotion, to the design or logo of a business. Design thinking aids in appealing to the customer while creating growth for business, and even if it has the opposite effect, business has the option to recreate and more forward.

Stages of Design Thinking (courtesy of Design Thinkers Academy)

Intended Goals: Service Offering, Customer Experience, Corporate Strategy

Subject: Competitors, Markets, Customers, External Markets, Strengths and Weaknesses, Values.


Eberling, J. (2018). What is Design Thinking? retrieved on July 24, 2019 from:

Digital Transformation has impacted business throughout the world with the use of technology that includes Artificial technology, online learning, the use of making purchases, cybersecurity, online business, and the use of the cloud. Digital transformation has reached a new height in the medical and sciences. and has aided in preventing diseases and even death. The use of digital transformation has open all markets to become technological based organizations. Social Media plays an important role in our daily lives and it even impacts the decisions on purchasing due to the powerful online advertisements. Please view the video below. What are your thoughts about the information on the video>?

Click on link above

Intended Goals: Compete with other markets, revenue, product offering, availability, cost.

Subject: Customers, Competitors, External factors, Strengths, weaknesses,

Bansai, M. Every Business is Becoming a Technology Business. retrieved on July 24 from:

Innovation is not what you innovators do… It is what customers and clients adopt. Business Model Innovation

Business Model Innovation: New business innovation models include working a 4 day week versus the traditional 5 days, technology is included at all levels of the organization. Another important point to mention, including the core values and instilling them within the organization and basing your business on the basis of building a plan.

It’s the business model, stupid! A wake-up call for incumbents like Daimler retrieved on July 25, 2019 from:

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My name is Teresa Alaniz, I am currently a doctoral student. I was born and raised in Corpus Christi, I am first generation in my family to attend college. I have prior experience teaching as an Adjunct Instructor in the First Year Learning Community and teaching in the High School Equivalency program at Del Mar College, and an Investigator for Child Protection Services. I am currently an Intervention Specialist in the TRIO-PASS Programs (STEM) , and I love what I do and connecting my students to resources on and off this campus. I also have a part time position as an Education Specialist in the High School Equivalency program, with Education Service Center Region 2. I have had the opportunity to travel to France and Italy and experience the world of Art and real life experiences by traveling abroad. Degrees Earned: Texas A&M University Corpus Christi B.S 2006 Texas A&M University Kingsville M.S. 2011 Texas A&M University Kingsville M.Ed.2014
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